Frequently Asked Questions


How much does Inxhibit cost?

The theme costs £39 (GBP). The price includes 1 year of support and theme updates which can be renewed each year at a discount. The Inxhibit theme can continue to be used without an active licence. See the licence details below.

Can I use Inxhibit on more than one site?

No, the Inxhibit licence can only be active on one site at a time, so additional copies of the theme will need to be purchased.

Is Inxhibit responsive?

Yes, Inxhibit’s design automatically adapts to desktop screens, tablets, and mobile phones. Check out the live demo here.

Can I use the Inxhibit theme on

No, to use the Inxhibit theme you will need the self-hosted version of WordPress installed on your own domain and webspace. You can download WordPress for free at

Does Inxhibit run on the latest version of WordPress?

Yes, Inxhibit is compatible with latest version of WordPress.

What browsers does Inxhibit work on?

Inxhibit is compatible with current versions of major desktop browsers. We also test to ensure that people who use Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 and 10 for Windows get an appropriate experience. Inxhibit has also been tested on iOS 9 and Android devices.

Theme Installation

How do I get started?

To get started quickly see our Installation Guide or check out the full Theme Setup Instructions.

How do I install the WordPress platform?

You can find instructions on how to install WordPress on your server here.

Can you install WordPress and the theme for me?

If you already have a hosting provider, we can provide you with our theme setup service which includes the installation of WordPress and the Inxhibit Theme. In addition, we can install a few helpful plugins, setup page templates, navigation menu, theme options and more. Get in touch for an estimate.


Can I customise Inxhibit?

There are many customisation options available within the theme from the customiser panel in the WordPress dashboard, Appearance → Customise. All the options are documented here.

If you still wish to make further extensive customisations, Inxhibit is published under the GNU General Public License and you can customise the theme with no restrictions. If you are planning to modify the theme files we strongly recommend creating a child theme so that any modifications are not overwritten when Inxhibit is updated. See here for information about creating a child theme.

Do you offer theme customisations?

Yes, get in touch with a detailed description of the customisations you require and we’ll provide you with an estimate.

Can I submit a feature request?

If you have a feature that you’d like to suggest, feel free to submit a ticket via our [support form]().

Can I remove your copyright and website link from the footer?

You are not required to provide any credit or links back to Inxhibit, although we do appreciate it. You can edit or remove this information from within the WordPress dashboard, Appearance → Customise.


What kind of support do I get with Inxhibit?

Support is provided via our support form. Questions are generally answered within 24 hours, with the exception of weekends and UK holidays. We can only answer questions related to our theme and its usage. Our support is limited to the code of our theme and we can not answer questions regarding your individual theme customisations and third party plugin use.

Theme documentation is also available here.

Do you provide documentation?

Yes, you can find a Installation guide here and the full theme documentation is also available here.


Why is there an annual license fee?

There is an annual licence fee for ongoing access to support and theme updates. This renewal fee allows us to create a sustainable theme business so that we may continue to provide support and theme updates to you for years to come. There is no obligation to renew your theme licence each year and the Inxhibit theme can continue to be used without an active licence, but you will no longer receive theme updates or support.

How does the yearly licence renewal work?

After buying a license you will have access to theme updates and support for 1 year starting from the date of purchase. After 1 year you can continue using the theme but you will no longer have access to updates or support.

Shortly before your licence expires, you will receive a renewal reminder with a 30% discount on the price of a new licence. Once renewed you will continue to have access to theme updates and support for another year.

What is Inxhibits refund policy?

If you are experiencing any difficulty with the theme, we are more than happy to provide support to resolve the situation. If your circumstance can’t be resolved with support and you are not satisfied with your purchase we offer a 30 day money back guarantee. Just send us a short note (including your order number) stating why you would like to receive your money refunded.